A downloadable Fevered Dream for Windows

You are Doug Slugem, a man who performs his own sort of vigilante justice. Years after you accidentally killed your arch nemesis by trapping him in a zoo exhibit full of lions, your dreams are still haunted by lions and a mutated visage of your dead arch nemesis. And in your dreams, you never have your glasses on...

How long can you survive inside your fever dreams?

Inspired by games like Devil Daggers, [Post Void], and Anger Foot


WASD: Move

Mouse: Look around

Left Mouse Button: Shoot/Interact (menu only)

Space: Jump

Shift/Ctrl/C while walking forward: Slide


Eli (https://unsaid-games.itch.io/): Programming, Story, SFX, Voice Over and Music

Mike (https://lake-monster-games.itch.io/): 3D Modelling and Animation

Andy: Voice Over Brainstorming

Right now, the game loop is just to see how long you can survive, but I'd like it to evolve into a first person Vampire Survivors-ish game with power ups and upgrades for the player the longer they survive and the more enemies they kill.

Jam version made in roughly two weeks for Lowrez Jam 2020, but I would like to continue work on it, possibly to a release on Steam if I get it to a nice place and there's a decent level of interest.

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip file, the game should be right in the extracted folder!


LST Update 1.zip 31 MB
Lion Sleeps Tonight.zip 30 MB

Development log

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